Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lesson #1

Lesson #1: You'd think I would know that already, but sometimes I forget.

Don't get hammered. First of all, beer is chock-full of empty calories; shots are devastating to my sobriety, and the next day is pretty much a waste.

Yesterday, I got next to nothing done all day. Unless you count lying around in your jammies, eating hangover food (fried macaroni & cheese, and wings), and napping. Epic fail, in short.

Sooo, around 6 p.m., I decided that my hangover was sufficiently cured, and decided to get my ass in motion. My motivation? Having to write this blog, and write that I failed totally!

Here in Austin we have the Town Lake trail, a trail system that goes around Town Lake (also known as Lady Bird Lake). It's a beautiful, leafy and green trail. Beautiful scenery, including a ton of half naked men, running and sweating :) Not too shabby.

So I got myself up, packed some water and hit the trail, pushing myself more than I have in a while. I sweat like a pig, and my muscles ran hot (but not screaming in pain), and by the time I finished, my legs were whipped. I felt GREAT!

But the whole time, I kept thinking: Wow, if you wouldn't have been hammered last night, you would have eaten better, and not been such a lazy turd all day. Well, I guess life is all about moving forward, and learning.

I'll keep that in mind next Friday night . . .

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